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Dr. Joe Vitale, Mark J. Ryan, and John Overdurf invite you to Dream Abundance.

In seven days, you can improve seven different areas of your life by using the untapped power of your dreams.

$197 $147 Introductory Price for This 2 Disc Set

What Others Have Said About Dreaming Abundance:

I experienced the best trance, personal development, and inner clearing work EVER while enjoying this DVD. Joe, John, and Mark went way beyond what I thought was EVEN possible. The synergy is AMAZING. It's better than getting 3 bangs for the buck!

Mr. Twenty Twenty
Professional Visionary

I began watching the DVD the following morning I arrived home from the Attract Wealth Seminar. I was able to stay focused more throughout the day. Beginning with the second day, I was guided to watch the DVD three times in the morning, and it really made a big difference. I had increased energy, more inspired thoughts, and I took action on new projects. One of them was a special order for an individual's birthday. It was a huge success.

The night version allowed me to sleep more peacefully and wake up refreshed, ready for another day of inspiration. If you want more inspired hits to flow through you and expanded visions in your dreams I highly recommend this DVD.

Lisa Ann Bonfiglio

I have watched the dreams video twice now, and I get even more inspired each time! I will continue to watch it over and over and over. Beginning each day with Joe helps me get centered. I have better attention to what I need to accomplish each day, and I seem to get it done sooner. Ending each evening with Mark lends itself to a more restful sleep. Also, I believe it has stimulated my subconscious mind as I sleep.

The images used and the voices of both Mark and Joe lend themselves to help create a more vivid picture of what is being discussed in the AM videos and PM audio. Evening our 13 year old enjoys watching the AM (with Joe) with us and listening to the PM (with Mark). "Absolutely Excellent" just does not seem to say it all about how fantastic the Dreams Video is. Maybe WOW WOW!

Dave Main

What can I possibly tell you? You blew my socks off with the Love and Forgiveness Subliminal DVD. The Fear-Less DVD was amazing as well. And the Dreaming Abundance DVD is absolutely amazing. The ideas for new products are coming to me faster than I can write them down.. It's like an avalanche. I need to bring my digital recorder with me wherever I go because it's non-stop. You have truly outdone yourself with this. Thank you so very much for all the effort you guys have put into helping others. You are truly amazing, and I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful mentors.

This Dreaming Abundance product is simply AMAZING!

I started doing Yoga again... that alone is INCREDIBLE! I love the section on the body!


Aymee Rodriguez

Graham, my son and me are getting up 20 minutes earlier to watch the Dreaming Abundance DVD in our pyjamas with our morning cup of tea! We have had amazing results... money has arrived, new opportunities are surfacing, inspiring ideas are manifesting, our communication is positive. Best of all, our feelings of abundance are at an all-time high!

Thank you so much,

Joanne Kench

I wanted to share with you my experience with Dreaming Abundance and the benefits I am already experiencing, just a few weeks after starting the program.

The first effects were the sound sleep I experienced the first night using the PM inductions. I fell asleep instantly and soundly! Of course, that added to the pleasure of my experience because the next day I woke up feeling refreshed and full of energy.

My experience deepened from there when I listened to the AM inductions. The visuals were relaxing and helped evoke feelings of prosperity and peace, which I was able to carry with me throughout the day. Bonus #2!

From there the benefits kept coming! I'm seeing lots of change happening in the product development I'm working on for my site, that I am sure is coming from being in a more receptive and peaceful state from using Dreaming Abundance.

To put it in "process language," I would say I am more easily experiencing the following states using Dreaming Abundance: powerful, inspired, relaxed, deep, focused, and clear.

And all this from just putting on my headphones and relaxing! Thank you!

Your friend,
Armando Fierro

I am madly addicted to this DVD. It is soothing and relaxing. Though I have some financial challenges, I got a $3000 check from a local bank as a sponsor for the book I am writing. I had already lost hope on receiving something from this bank. Another bank suddenly decided I am allowed a overdraft $15,000. Now we are talking! It is like mantra or manna from heaven, it is powerful and I feel important to myself and my family (and my patients), just listening to Dreaming Abundance. I will mention this in my book: Secrets of A Successful Surgeon!

Thank you Mark, Joe and John for making a difference in my life.
Jeannouel van Leeuwen

You've done it again! I watched your new DVD, Dreaming Abundance, for the first time this morning and I am blown away. After only listening to this masterpiece once, I truly feel uplifted. I started my day dreaming with you about abundance and am now ending one of the most joyful days I have experienced in a very long time. Rest assured that I will be recommending this powerful tool to my clients. Anyone who is serious about fully reprogramming themselves from the inside out should not begin their day without listening to this potent, joyful, focus on abundance. Awesome!

Thanks, Joe, Mark, and John.

Jennifer L. Tinsman
Life Empowerment Coach

Subliminal Manifestation Series:

Dreaming Abundance: The Seven Day Experience

What if you could manifest your dreams without doing anything but listening to Joe Vitale and Mark Ryan every morning and every evening? What if you could hire Joe eight hours a day to help you experience a more abundant life?

What if you could have one of the world's experts on dreams, John Overdurf, teach you how to use your dreams to live a better life?

Wealth and abundance come to you when you make a bigger opening for it.

Through Dreaming Abundance, your conscious and unconscious minds open to the abundance that surrounds you -- not just in your checkbook -- but in the seven most important areas of your life. As you create a bigger doorway and provide more room for abundance to enter your experience, your daily experience becomes fuller... you attract more of the experiences, people, and things that you desire.

This program is designed to work with your conscious and unconscious mind at its most impressionable times: when you awaken and as you're falling to sleep.

Let's face it.... we're all busy people. Trying to find time to work on manifestation can be difficult. These impressionable times as you greet the day and fall asleep are the perfect time for you to quietly and passively train your mind to open to the Divine wealth and abundance waiting for you.

In this program, you'll receive seven days worth of inspirational affirmations and meditations to empower your mornings... and seven days worth of hypnotic suggestion to empower your unconscious dream state. You'll work on seven distinct areas during these days:

  • Emotions
  • Your Body
  • Thought life
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Spirituality

Joe and Mark address the same subject matter and goals each day. You'll create and experience a cycle that supports continuous manifestation all day long. The inspiration you experience in the morning works in synchronized conjunction with the evening hypnotic messages. For a full week, you'll wake up with Joe's inspiring messages and fall asleep with Mark's deep hypnotic suggestion... all with one singular intent: to open your conscious and unconscious mind to the abundance and wealth you deserve in all areas of your life.

Even after one week of using this program, you'll be amazed at the changes you experience in your life.

Improve your Dreams to Improve your Manifesting

Thanks to world-reknown expert John Overdurf, this program has been designed using state-of-the-art scientific knowledge about how your sleep and dreams patterns work. By using Dreaming Abundance, you can utilize the 1/3 of your day you normally think of as "downtime" to work for your benefit.

John Overdurf, the author of Dreaming Realities, has worked for years in the field of dream research and unconscious change. The 1 hour and 45 minute training video and the dream incubation included on Dreaming Abundance were designed specifically by John for this product. The video is the most up-to-date learning on dreams available. The 35 minute dream incubation is the most state-of-the-art dream manifestation hypnotic audio you can find... anywhere.

Dreaming Abundance Includes

  • A 13 minute introduction on dreams and their history with Mark J. Ryan
  • A 1 hour and 45 minute online video presentation on the science of dreams and how to set them up to work for you with John Overdurf. (This product is the foundation for your unconscious mind to set up your dreams for the rest of the audios.)
  • Seven morning videos with Dr. Joe Vitale to inspire your day
  • Seven evening audios with Mark J. Ryan to open your dreams to wealth and abundance
  • BONUS!! You'll also receive a 72 minute lost secret video of Joe Vitale at a spiritual conference. We thought this was lost to a hard drive failure, but we were able to recover it. This is Joe at his best filmed with 2-cameras in hi-definition video. You'll get this as an immediate download as soon as you buy the product!

What You'll Learn in the History and Science of Dreams Video

  • How to attain personal growth
  • Spiritual alignment
  • Dreaming is therapy at nighttime. How it works.
  • Ultradian rhythms, circadian rhythms, alpha block, learn about beta, alpha, theta, delta brainwaves.
  • Creativity and expression in dreams.
  • What you get from naps.
  • Learn about flight delay, jet lag, body sleep, emotional sleep.
  • Find out about insomnia, nightmares, and how to overcome them.
  • Can't fall asleep? What to do about it.
  • Sleep and drugs, including hallucinogenics. How they are similar, and different.
  • Sleep and brainwashing.
  • Dream incubation - when to do it and how to do it.
  • Solving problems in your dreams.
  • How your daily activities affect your dreams. How to improve your sleep for abundance.
  • Dreams have more to do with what doesn't work than what does...why? How do I change it?
  • Rehearsal and macro muscle movements in sleep.
  • Why dreams reap benefits of what you do in real life without physical consequences.
  • Why everything is active in dreams except muscular movements.
  • Explanation of why there is no time, no space in dreams; how to have fun with this.
  • Quantum field thought and energy in sleep.
  • How to use the fact that there is no physicality, no restriction, no location, no form, no age in dreams.
  • No questioning of the reality available while asleep; this is why we need to program ourselves.
  • Learn to experience the quantum field, lucid dreams, secret daytime chemicals during sleep so you can experience both at the same time.
  • How to ask your unconscious to have certain kinds of dreams.
  • ....and much more

It would cost you at least $250 to get this information from a class with John. With Dreaming Abundance, you get it as an immediate download.

John provides a 35-minute hypnotic audio with special state-of-the-art music he has made that will install the dream incubation at a very deep level. You can listen to this during any part of the day as long as you are not driving or operating machinery as you may fall asleep.

The Nighttime Dream Inductions

Mark J. Ryan guides you through seven different nightly dream inductions focused on aspects of abundance in your life. As Joe Vitale opens your day with inspiring affirmations and stories to put your day on the right course, Mark will close that cycle at night preparing you for the next morning. Your dreams will support the cycle and anticipate the next morning's inspirations.

Immediate Downloads!

Before you receive the DVDs, you'll be able to download the following:

  • Specialized easy-to-follow video instructions for downloading and using the MP3's and videos on your computer, iPod, or MP3 player. We will also put a bit into the video about how to make your own CD's if you want to listen to them on CD.
  • A thirteen minute introduction on the History and Science of Dreams
  • One hour 45 minute course on dreams by John Overdurf
  • Thirty minute dream incubation on how to deeply program your dreams. You can choose a new one each time you listen.
  • Fourteen daily audios from Dr. Joe Vitale and Mark J. Ryan to be used in the morning, seven at night. This is the same audio from the DVD programs we are sending you.

Get started with this program immediately. When you receive the DVD in the mail, you'll be able to solidify the unconscious changes by adding the visual program to your daily experience to create the wealth and abundance you deserve.

Altogether, Dreaming Abundance is six full hours of audio and video meant to support you in creating the life of abundance you always knew was yours.

Price for this $197 but if you act now we are having an introductory sale of $147.

Dreaming Abundance comes with a very special bonus! A lost 1:12 video of Joe Vitale speaking to a very intimate crowd about the Missing Secret, saved just for you! Well, it wasn't actually lost, but it disappeared off of a hard drive. A video specialist was able to salvage the video from the hard drive. This is a professional, wide-screen video shot with two cameras... and it's available as an immediate download to your computer in either a large or small format. Both are crystal clear, and the information within the video is incredible. You have never seen or heard what Joe talks about at this intimate spiritual gathering. It is as if Joe is right in your living room, sharing some of the most important secrets of manifesting... just for you. The value on this is $79 and it is yours free with the Dreaming Abundance.

More Testimonials from People Using Dreaming Abundance...

My husband and I completely love the Dreaming Abundance DVD, which we've been using for the past two weeks. Getting out of bed is easier because we know we're going to be greeted by Joe's cheerful meditation while watching breathtakingly beautiful images on the morning video. And Mark's voice is so relaxing that we fall asleep peacefully and easily, feeling great about our lives and our goals. There's no question that using this DVD has had a positive impact on my attitude. I find it easier to bounce back from temporary setbacks, and feel more open to the abundance already in my life. I also find it easier to imagine my dreams as already completed. I feel motivated and excited every morning, and deliciously open to my unconscious every night. Thank you for making such a simple, easy-to-use tool that I know is helping us both create the life we want.

Elizabeth Folie
St. Paul, Minnesota

Mark Ryan and Joe Vitale's new product Dreaming Abundance delivered much more than I ever could have expected... and it keeps bringing better and better benefits into my life.

Dreaming Abundance has taught me a lot more about how my improved thinking helps me improve my life, how to work more closely with my subconscious mind and how to take advantage of those "magical moments" when I am falling asleep at night, and when I first wake up in the morning. Since I have been using this product, I have found myself feeling more calm and relaxed while going to sleep, while dreaming, and when I wake up in the morning.

I really enjoyed listening to Mark Ryan, Joe Vitale, and John Overdurf's soothing and therapeutic voices, and it felt like all three of them were visiting me and talking to me in person. Each of their hypnotic storytelling styles enabled me to easily absorb all the profound insights they each shared and understand them at a very deep level.

Dreaming Abundance is different from all the other products on self hypnosis / self-help that I have purchased and tried as it didn't require much time or effort on my part before I was able to begin applying it, and I am amazed with the results that have started to appear.

With the evening audio sessions, I found that I easily went deeper and deeper into a wonderful hypnotic state, and Joe's morning sessions with the awe-inspiring visuals and built-in hypnotic technology have given my mornings a new sense of focus and expectation, and I am enjoying the feeling of now going into my day feeling much more aware of all the abundance all around me.

I highly recommend Dreaming Abundance to anyone who is serious about working on their "inner game" and becoming more abundant in all the key areas of their life, I guarantee you that it will work for anyone who fully embraces and uses it, and I can't imagine a more user-friendly and effective self-help approach or method.

Thank you Mark, Joe and John for creating such a product. This is going to help a lot of people.

Kind regards,

Saul Maraney
Johannesburg, South Africa

Dreaming Abundance is the first thing I listen to in the morning and the last thing I listen to in the evening. I love the way the morning and evening track themes are integrated. The thoughts and affirmations are powerful. As I wrapped up an 11-month consulting project, two wonderful new opportunities arose within hours. This product isn't to be listened to -- it's to be savored. Thank you for creating it.

All the best,
Dave Gardner

Subliminal Manifestation Series:

Dreaming Abundance: The Seven Day Experience

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